Interior paint colours for low light rooms

When choosing a colour for an interior painting project, light always plays an important role in the decision. While some rooms may receive beautiful natural light, others are dark and can seem small and uninviting due to a lack of light. This doesn’t have to be the case! There are many paint colours that can help to brighten up dark rooms and create a cozy environment in less well-lit spaces.

There are several reasons why a room may be dark. North-facing rooms will receive less direct sunlight throughout the day, leaving them cast in shadows.

Colours that reflect light can help brighten up a space

All paint colours reflect light to a certain degree, but some reflect much more light than others. Interior paints have LRV ratings. These LRVs, or light reflectance values, can tell you how much light a particular paint will reflect. They are measured in percentages, with higher percentages reflecting more lights. Pure black paints have an LRV rating of 0%, meaning they do not reflect any light.

It is important to note that even light paints with high LRVs need light to reflect. You can add artificial lights in the form of lamps or overhead lighting to complement the paint colour that you choose.

At Calgary Custom Painters, some of our favourite interior paint colours for rooms with little natural light are:

  • Yellow and orange: these colours are a great way to add warmth to rooms that feel dreary and cold. Paired with light-coloured furniture, this can be a great way to lighten up a space!
  • Light grey: Cool tone colours can be used to create a sense of space in a room and make the area seem larger and more airy and larger.
  • Soft beige: If you don’t want to commit to bright colours like yellow and orange but still want to add some warmth to your space, beige is a fantastic option.
  • Soft pink: pinks reflect light beautifully and can help maximize the light that is present in the space.

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