How to choose exterior paint colours for your house

Exterior painting is a great way to increase your property value and curb appeal! Exterior painting takes time and can be costly, so choosing the right colors is essential. Customers can even find choosing exterior paint colors downright stressful! Whether you are painting your property yourself or hiring a professional Calgary Customer painters, here are some tips to make sure you love the final results.

Study your home and its features to help you make the right choice

When choosing an exterior paint colour, make sure to look at the existing elements of  your property. Consider which parts of your home will be painted and which will not. For example, if you are painting the siding but not the trim or fascia boards, you will want to choose an exterior paint colour that complements the already-painted trim and fascia boards.

Does size play a role in exterior paint colours?

The size of your property can also play a key role in how exterior paint colours will look. Dark colours can look foreboding and may not be the best choice, while light colours and sharp accents can complement larger houses.