Preparation Tips for Interior Painting

To assist you, below are tips for preparing for an interior paint job:
  • Room Setup – Remove and/or cover furniture, remove all fixtures, cover floors with drop cloths – unless you have hired us to do this in your contract.
  • Room Preparation – Scuff or sand surfaces, fill holes and cracks, caulk gaps in trim, seal stains, wash surfaces. We do complete general repairs inside our contracts and pole sand to prep walls for paint.
  • Painting – Prime surfaces as needed, apply paint with proper tools and techniques, apply straight cut lines between walls and trim, and clean up the area.
How Should I Pick My Interior Paint Color?
Our Senior Designer can help you choose the ideal paint colors for your space.
  • Is the room narrow or wide? 
    To make a narrow room wider, paint the end walls dark and the long walls light. Dark colors can recede, while light colors advance.
  • Do you want to make a small room feel bigger or smaller?
    The above applies for small rooms and big rooms. To make a small room look bigger,
    use lighter shades of paint. To make a large room feel smaller, darker shades work well for this effect.
  • Have you looked at your chosen color in different lighting? 
    View paint swatches during the day
    and at night.
  • Is the color uniform? 
    Choose a single color to shine in a space; use other colors as accents.