Preparation for Exterior Painting

You can make our prep work go quickly and smoothly by doing some prep of your own!
To assist you, below are tips for preparing for an exterior paint job:
  • Trim back landscaping to allow painters easy access to siding and trim
  • Make sure water spigots are in good working order for power washing
  • Ensure exterior electrical outlets work for necessary power tools
  • Designate a safe area where the crew can leave their work kits and ladders for safety and convenience
  • Coordinate your painting plans with any tradespeople
  • Reschedule lawn service and turn off sprinklers while your structure is being painted
  • Close your windows on power washing days
  • Unlock your front door and windows on the days they are painted
  • Prepare to have your house secured as the front door must be open all day and part of the evening, on the day it is being painted
Keep Your Building Looking Its Best and Value at Its Peak!
When your exterior painting project is finished, it will last for years to come.
While the paint will last, here are other ways to keep your exterior elements looking great:
  • Check the caulk around windows, door frames and trim to ensure nothing is cracked, once per year.
  • If you have an area on siding that is prone to mold or mildew, clean it frequently with a stiff brush and power wash with a solution that contains a bleach additive if necessary
  • Be sure to remove birds or insects that build nest on your newly painted home or building, overtime they can cause a great deal of damage
  • Cut ivy or vines to prevent damage and reduce humidity damage