About Us

Owner, founder Kurt Killen has been painting for well over a decade. He comes from a long line of painting professionals and is a 3rd Generation Painter. He not only loves to paint, but he loves the business of painting. With support from his wife, Carla Killen B.I.D. an Interior Designer for over 20 years, this dynamic duo can provide their clients a complete package from start to finish.

‘I was extremely active in my son’s hockey teams as Manager for several years and he took us to 6 countries in Europe. This gave me an opportunity to paint in Italy.

I am passionate about painting because people need colour in their lives. I get appreciation for the hard work and high level of skill involved in the type of projects I take on but the results, due to Carla’s colour selection and placement are extraordinary. No other area of my clients lives contains such presence as colour, except perhaps family.

Our edge comes from the in home colour consult with Carla. Included in every signed contract, it takes a whole families or commercial clients needs and wants and in a short period of an hour to an hour and a half, pulls out of your head more than your vision and aims for a subtle sophistication. Carla works a day job like most supermoms, so her time is limited’ – Kurt

Kurt uses time-tested processes and systems to recreate the palette and placement chosen in your colour consult.

Carla Killen  wife of 22 years and a Senior Interior Designer.