Do you feel promotions from service companies are cheezy?

This was a posted question from my marketing wonderwoman. I laughed at how she cuts through the bullshit with some of her questions. From my perspective as the Painter it’s a no-win situation. As small service businesses with almost non-existent marketing budgets she points to the fact that we can really only give so much before compromising on things. Such as time,  quality or cost.

As the old saying goes you can have quality and speed but it won’t be cheap. Or quick and cheap but it won’t be good. And you can always have quality and price but I have to choose the time for my families interests.

As most people have time for a paint job to be completed that leaves me competing with others for quality and cost. The longer add-ons or specific items such as foyers, architectural features and such take I lose as a service provider. Some stack jobs back to back and leave you incomplete as they rush to the money based on time pressure on you. We take jobs usually one at a time and find it frustrating to leave a job undone. The last 1% of the job is what separates top-quality painters. hint keep it friendly til then if there are issues or you won’t be happy.

Let us know what you think. Our offers already contain the best value, there’s not much more to give without working for labour wages. A good tradesperson won’t do this if they are worth their salt or they’re broke.


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